Honor and Remember
This truly was a memorable event for those of us in our family who attended, me (Joseph D. [Jay] Aubin) and Taz, Uncle Denis Aubin and his daughter Julie, and cousin Arlene and her husband Tom.
I want to thank the Honor And Remember group, and especially Rob Hecker, the Connecticut chapter president, and his crew for having us there and remembering my Father as they so beautifully did.

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Honor And Remember
The Connecticut Armory is a huge place, and despite this picture, taken early, it was filled with people
 Honor And Remember
Taz and Uncle Denis, no doubt discussing politics? (NOT!)
 Honor And Remember
No, the Red Coats are not invading again, these are members of the longest standing military division in the US, formed in 1784.
 Honor And Remember
Music from the 60's and 70's was provided by this gentelman, I think a local celebrity and veteran, not sure
 Honor And Remember
 Honor And Remember
Me, Uncle Denis, his daughter Julie
 Honor And Remember
The Honor Guards forming up
 Honor And Remember
The regiment leads off the presentation of the armed forces and veterans
Due to changes in regulations, veterans, in or out of uniform, are now able to salute during presentations, and Uncle Denis did so proudly
Time for the veterans of the individual branches of our armed forces to form up behind their respective honor guards

The Navy forms up...
 Honor And Remember  Honor And Remember
... and Uncle Denis, a proud Navy veteran, as was his recently departed wife, marches with them
The presentation
By this time I'm almost losing it. I guess that's why Commissioner of Veterans Affairs for the State of Connecticut, Linda Schwartz, herself a veteran, leaned toward me and said "Are you OK? I can help you... I'm a nurse you know." CT Governor Malloy is behind us
Rob Hecker, CT H&R chapter pres., reads the Lost Back End Crew story... in its entirety
When they presented the flag to me I made sure to raise Uncle Denis's arms so that it was presented to both of us.
Govenor Malloy presents the certificate and Navy log honoring ATC Joseph W. Aubin
No words necessary

Me, Taz, Arlene, Uncle Denis, Julie